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Our core values

Integrity – we stand by our words come what may.
Quality – we cannot afford to and we don’t compromise on quality.
Customer service – delivering value to our customers is prime.
Care for the environment – we want to leave it better than we met it.

Who We Are

Fempanath Nigeria Ltd is a  company focused on growing, producing, and processing fruits and vegetables in the short to medium-term and expanding to other lines of business in the long term.
Our main product lines include:

  1. Fresh Fruits such as Citrus (Sweet Oranges, Lemon, Grapefruits, Tangelo).
  2. Fresh vegetables such as Tomatoes, Spinach, “Efo Tete”, “Ewuro”, Lemongrass,
  3. Seeds and Seedlings. (Cassava seed multiplication in progress)
  4. Cassava and Cassava products
  5. Fresh Processed Fruit products such as Fruit Drinks and Juices. (coming soon).
  6. Processed Food products such as Canned Chopped Tomatoes (coming soon)
  7. Hybrid Fruit species. (coming soon)
Kayode Olaitan, engineering


  • We will continuously strive to become an international leader in the production of natural, high-quality foods, and food products.
  • We will drive the most prolific market penetration for our range of natural and healthy food products.
  • We will continuously improve the quality and marketing of natural foods, fruits, and other related agricultural products.

Numbers Speak for Themselves

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Our Vision is to become the leading producers of integrated, quality-assured,
natural and processed farm products


Our Mission is to meet the nutritional needs of society through organic and
healthy agricultural products, adding value to and assuring quality of life.

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Peakof foods the major buyer of our farm produce. Also an online sales and delivery company.

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Who We Are

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