Fempanath Farms and Foods Investment Limited (FFFIL), an agribusiness subsidiary of Fempanath Nigeria Ltd is a relatively new company focused on growing, producing and processing fruits and vegetables on the short to medium term and expanding to other agricultural lines of business on the long term.

Our main product lines include:

FFFIL intend to produce, market, and distribute fruits and fruit products.

Our main product lines include:

  1. Fresh Fruits such as Oranges, Apples, Banana, Guava, Avocado pear, Mango, Citrus (sweet), Lemon , Grape fruits, Paw-paw, Guava, Pear Pineapples , Kola (Bitter kola, Kolanut), Rose apple, Palm Nut, Passion fruits.
  2. Fresh Processed Fruit products such as Fruit Drinks and Juices.
  3. Food Processed products such as Canned Chopped Onions,
  4. Fruit Seedlings and seeds.
  5. Hybrid Fruit species.
  6. Fresh vegetables such as Tomatoes, Spinach, “Efo Tete”, “Ewuro”, Lemon grass, etc.