Absentee Farming (We farm for you)

Our farm policy is committed to creating sustainable farming operations and environment for farmers both in Nigeria and Diaspora. Fempanath’s Absentee Farming Investment Scheme (FAFIS) is carefully structured to secure the investment advantage of investors. Garden egg – the kick-off product line, FAFIS allows investors to subscribe for units of the scheme. The Garden Egg scheme has an investment cycle of one (1) year. It may be terminated after the first year or rolled over. The number units and the invested sum is based on the investment capacity of the investor, but not less than the minimum allowed for investment in the scheme (Contact us for more details).


FAFIS scheme operates synonymous to the “contract farming model”. It has potential to expand to include “out-grower model” where FEMPANATH GROUP will off-take all produce from our out-growers.

Investments are managed by talented, skilled and experienced agriculturists whilst developing the youth, both school leavers, diploma holders and graduates.

Graduates engagement is mostly via collaboration with the NYSC by accepting corps members for primary assignment and retaining some of them after the service year.

The Farm Asset is operated and managed by FAFIS operators.

Dividends are delivered to investors at periodic time intervals and at the end of the investment period (usually one year), after which investors may liquidate their capital or roll it over for another term.